First single “Take on Me” from Brian Posehn’s new album “Grandpa Metal” available now

So, my first record of all comedy metal comes out in February.

“Grandpa Metal” features Brendon Small, Scott Ian, Al Yankovic, Corey Taylor, and a million other badass guests. Here’s a link to preorder w/our first single, “Take On Me” featuring Jill Janus! Also available at Apple Music.

Full track list:

1 Intro to Satan
2 Satan’s Kind of a Dick
3 Scary Nightmare
4 One Quarter Viking, Three Quarter’s Pussy
5 Big Fat Rock
6 My Phone Call with Weird Al
7 Take on Me
8 Grandpa Metal
9 New Music Sucks
10 New Music Sucks Reprise
11 Goblin Love
12 Monster Mosh
13 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)
14 Super Secret Track

℗ 2020 Megaforce Records


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My book is finally available everywhere TODAY!

My old pal, comedy genius, Bob Odenkirk said this about it: “Forever Nerdy is the only book on Brian Posehn and his curious, eventful, sad, sometimes tragic, defiant, fun, loopy life that you will ever need to read. Throw away all the others on this subject matter and get this one! Joyce had Ulysses, now Posehn has his Forever Nerdy to engage your eyeballs and while away your hours, whether you’re stuck in Omaha, or in an airport, or on the toilet, or perhaps on a toilet on an airplane over Omaha (a trifecta). Buy it, read it, commit it to memory, and you can be on my team on trivia night!”

One of my favorite writers, Gail Simone had this to say about it. “Of course it’s hilarious, you expect that from Brian Posehn, but the revelation is the emotional moments, which are delivered with a dopey grin, but land like a sledgehammer to the gut. One of the best books I’ve read in ages.”

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The new album from Brian Posehn – “POSEHN 25X2” – Available Now!

In his classic, self-deprecating style of humor, Brian discusses everything from his guilt about having a pure bred dog in a “rescue” culture, to the multiple awkward times his wife has walked in on him masturbating. The special originally debuted on Seeso on January 5, 2017.

This is comedian, writer and actor Brian Posehn’s third comedy special and fifth album. He can be seen on Netflix’s Lady Dynamite, FX’s You’re The Worst, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory and FOX’s New Girl. He was featured in the films Devil’s Rejects, The Five Year Engagement and Uncle Nick. He is currently on tour performing his stand-up across the country.

Available now at:

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UNCLE NICK Is Available Now On DVD & BLU-RAY!


81lcojmdnnl-_sy500_Lewd, drunken Uncle Nick (Brian Posehn, Mr. Show, The Sarah Silverman Program) stumbles his way through his brother’s cookie cutter-family’s annual Christmas gathering in the hopes of scoring with a super-hot party guest. But the arrival of his equally crass sister coupled with Nick’s liquor-fueled faux pas cause family secrets to bubble to the surface that might spell disaster for the whole clan before the night is over.

Presented by Errol Morris, UNCLE NICK is a raucously funny comedy of inappropriate behavior, uncomfortably interrupted trysts, and a monumental overserving of ten-cent beers.

UNCLE NICK Is Available Now On DVD & BLU-RAY!

Bonus features include:

  • Commentary with director Chris Kasick, actor Brian Posehn, and writer Mike Demski
  • Outtakes
  • Family Portraits
  • Barf-O-Rama
  • Red Trailer
  • Green Trailer
Order Now From Amazon

Visit for streaming options and more.

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