Listeners, you’re in for a treat this week because we are joined by comedian, actor and writer Brian Posehn. We discuss Brian’s formative years and how he managed to befriend both metalheads and popular kids in high school, even if that was way less dramatic than it is in John Hughes movies. We also discuss how he got his start in comedy, his current reality television picks and the time Vanessa forced all of her friends to watch an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” when they were trying to be social at a party. For our topic, we get deep into the history of NERDS candies and its many offshoots including Nerds Rope, Nerds Cereal and Big Chewy Nerds. Finally, we play a spirited round of LEGIT MOAN OR UNNECESSARY GROAN where we try to get to the bottom of several complaints from some pretty unreliable narrators. But take it from a RELIABLE narrator, this episode is a must-listen!

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