Well, we almost did it. 2017 is finally winding down. You thought 2016 was a garbage fire, 2017 said, “Hey, throw some babies in that fire”. That said, I liked movies and music, WONDER WOMAN, JOHN WICK 2, SPIDEY and THOR and METALLICA, DE LA SOUL, PROPHETS OF RAGE all got me through the year. I have been working on projects that will insure 2018 is a great year for me creatively. 2017, shit-show aside was a great year for me stand-up and acting-wise. I released, in my opinion, the best hour of stand-up I’ve ever produced, BRIAN POSEHN: 25X2. It was originally only available on SEESO, a now defunct platform.

But you can currently watch it on iTunes or check out the audio version on ITUNES and AMAZON.

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Brian Posehn